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Revenue Management Made Easy!

ARTi is a new Revenue Management tool that modernizes hotel room rate tracking and revenue management methods. ARTi revenue management system is an internet-based rate tracking system, meaning you can access ARTi from anywhere in the world! We track rate information on a daily basis which keeps our hotel rate information much more relevant than that of other revenue management systems.

ARTi is detailed enough for the most advanced revenue manager, and it is intuitive enough for the first-time yield manager. Our system works on all platforms and all screen formats making our revenue management system the most advanced of its kind. Our easy-to-read charts and graphs make yield management a breeze by delivering the most current and relevant rate information about your property and your competitive set.

Historical data makes your revenue management decisions much easier as well. The longer you use ARTi, the more historical data you will build up. On an annual basis or as often as they’d like, revenue managers can use this historical data to make yield management decisions for upcoming months. This will help you maximize your hotel’s revenue.

ARTi’s Email Alert Delivery System will keep you updated on rate changes within your competitive set! These revolutionary email messages will alert you anytime your competitors’ rate fall below or rise above your rates. These revenue management alerts can also be configured to send messages to you when the rates are beyond a threshold set by you. Again, this will assure that you get only the information that you want!

ARTi Online Revenue Management System

 Screenshot of ARTi Online Revenue Management System!

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